Un air pur et frais dans votre salle de bain et vos toilettes


Aspidor®, the odour absorber for your comfort

Bathrooms, toilets… Some odours are difficult to tolerate and lack of ventilation may require the use of air fresheners, which may be dangerous for your health or have consequences for the environment. In individual or public installations, the ASPIDOR® odour extractor, winner of EquipHôtel Paris, is the only solution for your comfort and that of your family and friends.

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Attractive design, component quality and proven efficiency are some of the elements that have made Aspidor®’s reputation. The simplicity of its installation also allows it to be adapted to the majority of toilets, whatever the fixing used (wall or floor).

Aspidor®, your solution

The ASPIDOR® high-tech toilet seat neutralizes unpleasant odours before they spread into the room and filters them directly from where they originate.

ASPIDOR® is not only used in private homes, but also in many public places such as hotels, restaurants, railway stations and airports.

Its simple shapes will allow it to fit perfectly into your bathroom or toilet.

Aspidor® : 3 fully automated functions

Elimination of bad smells thanks to the action of its activated carbon filter

Diffusion of a natural and light fragrance by mixing ambient air

Removal of germs and bacteria (Active Shield System)

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The ASPIDOR® anti-bacterial treated toilet lid system fits most toilet bowls, whether floor-mounted or suspended. The exclusive ASPIDOR® mounting device allows perfect positioning for any model. The use of « Soft Close » hinges allows silent cushioned closing.


No manual intervention is required for setting-up the ASPIDOR® odour absorber. An optical detector automatically triggers the filtration of odours as soon as the user sits down. For optimal efficiency, a microprocessor ensures a delay of about 40 seconds after each use.

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Filtration is entirely natural thanks to an activated carbon filter housed in an ABS compartment at the back of the toilet seat lid. A warning light indicates its saturation level in order to proceed with its replacement. Ambient air is drawn in through scented beads and fresh air is released.

Aspidor technique

Power supply

The ASPIDOR®’s odour extractor operates either with a 12-volt mains transformer or with a high-performance waterproof battery, which can supply the system for several weeks. A warning light indicates when you need to charge the battery.


The success of the ASPIDOR® odour absorber has gone beyond the borders of Germany and France , where it was created. Present on several continents, ASPIDOR® owes its success to its recognized efficiency and the quality of its components. The ASPIDOR® odour absorber is protected by several international patents.

Aspidor, votre solution
Aspidor, votre solution



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